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Business Events
As You've Never Experienced Them.
The Commersphere™ platform brings your event to life online - unleashing your event's potential with powerful features that enable maximal engagement, learning, and ROI.
Hit the Ground Running.
With Commersphere's powerful event exploration capabilities, attendees will arrive at the event fully equipped for maximum engagement.
  • Attendees will arrive with a preset schedule and maps of target locations
  • Exhibitors will be able to zero in on prospects
  • Conference speakers will be able to use attendee feedback to tailor sessions for maximum effect
You're There - Anytime, Anywhere.
The Commersphere™ platform will enable you to expand the reach of your event to achieve maximum exposure and ROI.
  • Run events of unlimited duration via your online portal
  • Exhibitors and attendees can interact 24/7
  • Remote attendees can tune into the event virtually with selected access privileges
An Event Gamechanger.
Commersphere™ opens new vistas for all event stakeholders:
See it in action.
Check out our video library to learn more about Commersphere™ :
Why Commersphere™  (2:24)
Features and Benefits  (4:17)
Commersphere™ for Attendees  (4:34)
Commersphere™ for Exhibitors  (4:47)
Commersphere™ for Administrators  (13:03)
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